FAQs About Q&A

May 2016|Q&A|

In our communication skills workshops, we spend a good bit of time focused on Q&A. In fact, we feel it’s probably the most important element of a presentation. It’s when what really matters to the listeners gets addressed. It’s also the point at which the speaker’s credibility is tested and confirmed (or destroyed…yikes!). Here are 5 questions about questions that get asked frequently by our workshop participants: What do I say if I don’t know the answer to a question? [...]


Public Speaking Advice from Mister Rogers

May 2016|Tips from Celebrities|

“We speak with more than our mouths. We listen with more than our ears.” On May 22nd, Rhode Islanders will celebrate Neighbor Day. It’s no coincidence that the date happens to fall on the anniversary of the premiere of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood back in 1967. Much more than just a loveable children’s television character, Fred Rogers had a habit of doling out timeless, universal advice that was applicable to people of all ages. And though he may not have been [...]


Simplify Your Data-Driven Message with Three Key Points

May 2016|Content|

Data-driven messages can be complex. They can ramble through spreadsheets. Worse, they can fail to make points. But you can eliminate these issues by focusing your message on three key points. Picking three things to focus on isn’t hard. Just ask yourself, “What are the three things that my listeners must remember?” Several years ago, my daughter Annie ran for secretary of the fifth grade class at Dunwoody Springs Elementary School. When she showed me her campaign speech, I proceeded [...]

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