Communication and Selling Skills

Executive Speaker

This intensive workshop covers the wide variety of settings in which professionals must be able to communicate effectively. From formal presentations, to interactive meetings, to conference calls and impromptu Q&A, the ability to connect and persuade is crucial to success. Each step is enhanced with on-camera exercises and role playing combined with individualized coaching.

August 16 & 17

September 13 & 14 FULL – waitlist only


December 6 & 7

October 18 & 19

Persuasive Speaker

This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of creating and delivering simple, persuasive business presentations. Participants gain skills to help them successfully pitch to a potential client, provide a project update, get buy-in from stakeholders, or speak at an industry event. Attendees receive highly individualized coaching to teach them how to excel in these situations.

September 29th

November 17th