What Do I Do with My Hands?

By Joey Asher Category: Body Energy One of the most common questions I get is:  “What do I do with my hands?” To which I say: “Forget about your hands. If you’re engaging your audience with a strong message and energy, no one will notice your gestures.” I understand why people [...]

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Use the Holidays to Master the Lost Art of Conversation

By Joey Asher Category: Networking, Body Energy, Voice Energy I was at a seated holiday dinner party this week and decided to play one of my favorite games. It's called, "How long can I get my dinner partner to talk by asking one question?" I think I set a personal record.  I asked one question.  [...]

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How to Find Your Authentic Speaking Style

By Joey Asher Category: Facial Energy, Body Energy Imagine that you’re at dinner with a close friend or family member. And you’re talking with a great deal of intensity about something that you’re passionate about. That is the kind of presentation style we recommend. We want you to speak with the same energy that you bring [...]

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Can You Learn “Executive Presence?” Absolutely.

Joey Asher President of Speechworks, a selling and communication skills coaching company in Atlanta. He has worked with hundreds of business people helping them learn how to communicate in a way that connects with clients. His new book 15 Minutes Including Q&A: a Plan to Save the World from Lousy Presentations” is available [...]

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Why Do We Get Nervous When We Speak? Maybe Public Speaking is an Unnatural Act

Category: Body Energy Public speaking is the number one fear of the average person. It’s a statistic that’s repeated constantly. But the question remains: “Why?” There are plenty of psychologists that will give you a theory. But here’s another thought. Could it be that we fear public speaking because it is an unnatural act [...]

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Great Communicators Connect with Boldness

Category: Body Energy "Boldness in business is the first, second, and third thing." Thomas Fuller, an English writer, said those words four centuries ago.   And they’re still true today, especially as they pertain to business communication skills. At Speechworks, we believe that great communication is about boldly and passionately making simple, easy-to-understand points, [...]

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