Communication Skills Library

After decades of communication skills coaching and hundreds of published articles, we’ve amassed a treasure trove of public speaking resources that we’re happy to share with you. They’re organized by general topic, so you can find lots of information on whatever skill you’re interested in learning more about. And if you have any questions or want to know more about how to become a great communicator, feel free to contact us!


Studies show that how you look accounts for the majority of the impression you make when you speak in public. From the gestures you use to how you stand, what you do with your body has an enormous impact on the message your audience receives.


When you’re speaking in a way that engages your audience, listeners are generally looking at your face. It becomes prime real estate, so use it! Smile, move your eyebrows, be expressive! Don’t leave your face in “park!”


Being nervous about giving a presentation is normal. But by having a strategy to prepare your mind, body and attitude, you can harness that nervous energy and make it work to your advantage.


Building your network is the most effective way to grow your sales funnel. But many people (wrongly) view networking as just schmoozing and glad-handing. We advise folks to simply stop selling and start helping. That way, everyone wins!


The Q&A portion of a presentation is never credibility-neutral: you’re always gaining or losing based on how you respond. By embracing and preparing for the questions, and giving tight answers, you can inspire confidence from your listeners.


There are some universal truths that can lead to sales success. One of the most fundamental is to recognize that people buy for their reasons, not yours. How can you know what their reasons are? Build a relationship, and ask them!


There’s no question that the speaker should be the focus of the presentation, but tools like PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, boards and handouts, if used correctly, can all add interest to your talk and help your message ‘stick.’


How you sound matters! Most people speak with vocal energy that’s more like a freight train than a roller coaster: boring! You can add interest to your voice by doing simple things like varying your pace and volume and incorporating pauses.


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