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LEAD By Being a Great Communicator

Leaders need to speak in a way that inspires people and moves them to action. We teach a simple approach that will help you create impactful, persuasive messages. Then we show you how to inspire confidence by delivering those messages with an authentic leadership style.

Leadership Training

You’re a learning and development professional charged with developing high-potential employees into leaders. Beyond just being top performers, they must learn to effectively communicate their ideas at all levels of the organization.

Our communication skills workshops are designed to teach leaders how to communicate with and persuade others in a variety of settings. We accelerate the learning through the use of digital video and professional communication coaches. This ensures the training translates into immediate improvement and lasting results.

This workshop focuses on teaching high-potentials and leaders how to create and deliver business presentations to internal or external audiences in order to persuade others and achieve desired results. The workshop uses role-play, digital video and individualized coaching to solidify the learning. Download a PDF or contact us to learn more.
This intensive workshop covers the wide variety of settings in which high-potential professionals must communicate effectively in order to be recognized as a leader: from formal presentations to impromptu situations. The workshop employs a combination of role-play, digital video and individualized coaching to attain maximum results. Download a PDF or contact us to learn more.
Great leaders tell stories. These narratives build credibility and are much more memorable than the policy book or the vision statement on the wall. These are the five stories you should be prepared to deliver to build your credibility as a leader. Download PDF
There are hundreds of books detailing what business leaders must do. But when it comes to public speaking, leaders have only one goal: influence people. And these are the five fundamentals that, when executed effectively, allow leaders to move audiences. Download PDF
“As a woman, how do I communicate in a way that is credible and assertive, but still be myself?” We hear that a lot from professional women seeking to preserve their personality as they grow their careers. Here are five fundamentals to effective leadership communication for today’s professional woman. Download PDF
They’ve grown up on video games. They hate sitting in classrooms. They prefer instant messages to meetings. They hate corporate toads. And they’ve grown up thinking that they can run the company after only a couple of years on the job. Download White Paper

Custom Workshops

If your communication challenges are unique, not to worry: all of our workshops can be customized to meet your team’s specific needs. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll work with you to craft a solution!

Open Workshops

We offer open workshops on a regular basis at our training center in Atlanta. Click here for schedules and more information.


Have a question or aren’t sure which workshop is the right solution for you and your team? Contact us, we’ll be glad to help!