The Communication Skills Workout: 10 Weeks to a New You!

February 2019|Other|

By Joey Asher Category: Other I’m fascinated by those workouts that you see advertised on TV or the Internet.  I recently came across the “Caveman Workout” where you run through the woods in bare feet and eat raw meat. Then, there’s that kickboxing workout called Tae Bo. And I actually borrowed the P90X CDs from my brother. But I gave up after about 20 minutes because I became extremely tired. All of these workouts promise you a new body and [...]


What Do I Do with My Hands?

February 2019|Body Energy, Uncategorized|

By Joey Asher Category: Body Energy One of the most common questions I get is:  “What do I do with my hands?” To which I say: “Forget about your hands. If you’re engaging your audience with a strong message and energy, no one will notice your gestures.” I understand why people are worried about gestures. Hands and arms have a full range of motion. You have lots of decisions to make!  Should I clasp them in front of me? [...]


Do you “Dare to Be that Good?” Presenting Well Takes Courage.

October 2018|Nerves|

By Joey Asher Category: Nerves During one of our recent workshops, a woman banker had just delivered a wonderfully engaging presentation about a program she was passionate about. During the presentation, she smiled. She moved around the room. She spoke with excitement in her voice and in her face. When she sat down, our coach looked at her and said, “That was great. Now I have one question for you. Are you willing to be that good all the time?” [...]

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