Public Speaking 3.0. Connecting with Audiences in the Internet-Era

May 2018|Networking|

By Joey Asher Category: Networking The last 50 years in public speaking have been the JFK/Ronald Reagan era. The next 50 will be the YouTube/Talk Radio /iPhone era. Indeed, to be a great speaker today, you must learn to connect with listeners who have been conditioned by the modern media. Ancient Greeks to YouTube The Ancient Greeks gave us Public speaking 1.0: public speaking as grand oratory. Indeed, for centuries audiences weren’t conditioned by television and were happy to listen [...]


What to Do About Smartphones During a Presentation

May 2018|Other, Uncategorized|

By Joey Asher Category: Other “When I’m leading a meeting, I find that people spend a lot of time typing emails. What is your strategy for dealing with the iPhone problem?” “When I’m leading a conference call, I know that there are people listening in who aren’t paying attention. They’re surfing the internet, writing memos, making their own phone calls. Are there tricks for making people pay closer attention?” “People look at their laptop and iPads during my presentations. Is [...]


Keys to Listening

April 2018|Other|

By Joey Asher Category: Other Yogi Berra said, “You can see a lot by just looking.” Similarly, you can hear a lot by just listening. If there is one skill that will make you better at almost everything, it’s listening. Want to build a better relationship with a client or colleague? Listen. Want to be a better husband or wife? Listen. Here are four keys to better listening skills. Be Genuinely Interested I was seated at a luncheon recently across [...]

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