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Joey Asher

March 2020|Other, Uncategorized|

By Joey Asher Category: Practice With the world in Coronavirus lockdown, we’re all using teleconference technology more than ever.   So how can we conduct teleconferences so that they seem as “normal” and “in-person” as possible? Put everyone on camera When you’re not seen, it’s easy to check out and do emails rather than be tuned in. If you want your meeting to be “normal”, then you have to see everyone. And in today’s world, there’s no excuse to go [...]


Speechworks Coaching Favors the Carrot over the Stick

February 2020|Other|

By: Julie Lindsay Category: Other There are many approaches to coaching new skills like public speaking. At Speechworks, we strongly favor the carrot rather than the stick.  When learning something new, I’ve been on the receiving end of both carrots and sticks over the years. The sticks tend to be the experiences that well.. stick.. but not for the right reasons. I was placed into school at the age of four having learned to read early.  My parents read [...]


Swimming Upstream: Coke’s New Chief People Officer Speaks Candidly About Knock-Downs, Life Lessons, and Making Your Voice Heard as a Powerful Woman in Leadership.

January 2020|Uncategorized|

CLICK HERE to listen to the audio podcast. By: Julie Lindsay, Speechworks Category: Other Swimming Upstream: Coke’s Brand New Chief People Officer Speaks Candidly About Knock-downs, Life Lessons and Making Your Voice Heard as a Powerful Woman in Leadership. When you talk to Lisa Chang today, what you hear is the poised and confident Chief People Office of The Coca-Cola Company. But, it wasn’t always that way. Earlier in her impressive career, she went into a meeting with her [...]

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