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How to Deal with Rude Interruptions. Surprise Speaking Advice from America’s Founding Father

September 2019|Other, Uncategorized|

CLICK HERE to listen to the audio podcast. By: Julie Lindsay, Speechworks Category: Other You’re giving a presentation and someone on the front row emits a loud, copious yawn. Another listener alternates loud nose blowing with a hacking cough, while yet another hums quietly but audibly while drumming her fingers on the desktop. As speakers, we can run the gamut of thoughtless interruptions, from physical distractions to blatantly rude behavior. This has been on my mind since I discovered [...]


The Entrepreneur’s Secret: Why a Perfect Pitch isn’t Just About Ideas

August 2019|Nerves, Practice|

By: Julie Lindsay, Speechworks Category: Practice It’s all about the shoes. That’s Charlie Lehman’s secret ingredient for stepping into success with his startup company Convex Minds. Lehman, a former U.S. Navy officer, is familiar with pulling himself up by the bootstraps. So, when the young entrepreneur had to pitch his startup idea in just two minutes before a 850-strong audience at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Lehman came fully equipped with the drive and discipline to put his best [...]


Got Nerves? How to De-Stress and Power Through that Presentation!

July 2019|Nerves|

By: Julie Lindsay, Speechworks Category: Nerves Welcome to the Speechworks newsletter! This month we’re focusing on nerves, a topic that’s close the heart of most public speakers. Nerves can get your heart pounding and your voice shaking. Nerves can make you sweat or make you short of breath. They can make your skin flush and upset your stomach. Public speaking anxiety, also known as glossophobia, can induce all these symptoms and more. It’s one of the most common social [...]

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