If You Want to Improve Your Hand Gestures, Focus on Your Facial Energy

March 2017|Facial Energy, Uncategorized|

Category: Facial Energy The face bone is connected to the wrist bone. That’s right. Very often, when our clients are having trouble improving their hand gestures, we’ll focus on their facial energy. That’s because if you improve facial energy, the gestures will often improve. “What do I do with my hands?” is a question we get from a lot of our clients and workshop participants. And like most public speaking skills companies, our programs include a very effective module on [...]


Spotlight on our Coaches – JD Clockadale

March 2017|Uncategorized|

Category: Other It's hard to put Speechworks coach JD Clockadale into a box. He is a Georgia Tech educated engineer, athlete, a nationally recognized sales trainer, and an author. Oh, and don't forget he's one of the founders of the City of Brookhaven. But one thing we can say definitively about JD is that he's a terrific corporate coach. "I love working with people and helping them get better," says JD. "Working as a coach is like waking up without [...]


Lies We Tell Ourselves that Hold Us Back as Public Speakers

March 2017|Content, Nerves, Practice|

By Joey Asher Category: Content Are you a lousy speaker? It might be because you believe one of the following lies. Lie # 1: My topic is dull. When I was a newspaper reporter, we had a saying: “There are no bad stories. Only bad reporters.” The same idea applies to public speaking topics. I worked with an attorney who specialized in helping neighborhood associations. “There’s nothing interesting about neighborhood association law,” he told me. "That may be the case, I [...]

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