Spotlight on Our Coaches – Kene Iloenyosi

January 2017|Other|

Category: Other The first things people typically notice about Kene are his impeccable fashion sense and his interesting accent (in that order). Originally from Nigeria, Kene also lived in Zambia prior to moving to the United States. The diversity of his personal and professional experiences enables him to coach individuals from all organizational levels. His warm demeanor makes him effective at connecting and communicating with pretty much anyone. In addition to his role as a communication coach, Kene is a [...]


The Persuasive Value of Three Key Points

January 2017|Content|

By Joey Asher Category: Content Leonardo da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." That idea goes to the persuasive value of keeping your message to three simple points. Simplicity makes people think, “This person has thought this through. He has distilled the message to the essence. I trust him.” With that in mind, early in your presentation, say something like: I’m going to touch on three key things: The value of our plan. The cost of our plan. How [...]


Practice Not Being Perfect, Part 2 of 3

January 2017|Content, Practice|

Category: Content, Practice The pursuit of perfection is the enemy of great presentations. That’s why we insist that public speaking is about “connection, not perfection.” The problem is, when we focus on trying to be perfect, we fail to connect with our listeners. Rather than experiencing an authentic version of us, we come across as fake and our delivery seems forced. I’ve had the honor of working with many people who, when they let go of trying to be [...]

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