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Public Speaking Advice from James Brown

November 2017|Tips from Celebrities|

By Joey Asher Category: Tips from Celebrities "Hair is the first thing. And teeth is the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things, he's got it all." Those are the words of the Godfather of Soul, the recently departed James Brown. And while he probably wasn’t talking about public speaking, to our mind he was making a point about how to make an impression on audiences. And that point is this: how you look matters. And James Brown [...]


Use the Holidays to Master the Lost Art of Conversation

November 2017|Body Energy, Networking, Voice Energy|

By Joey Asher Category: Networking, Body Energy, Voice Energy I was at a seated holiday dinner party this week and decided to play one of my favorite games. It's called, "How long can I get my dinner partner to talk by asking one question?" I think I set a personal record.  I asked one question.  My partner talked for 20 minutes almost non-stop with me throwing in the odd comment or two. We had a great time. I tell you [...]


Holiday Networking Lesson in Personal Connection from Jimmy Carter

October 2017|Tips from Celebrities|

By Joey Asher Category: Tips from Celebrities With the holiday networking season upon us, I'm reminded of a lesson I learned from Jimmy Carter on how to connect with people.  As a cub reporter 26 years ago at The Times in Gainesville, Ga., I had the opportunity to interview Carter. He had been out of the Presidency for about four years and was hosting a health care conference at Emory University. I don’t remember much about the interview. I do remember [...]

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