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FAQs About Q&A

April 2019|Q&A|

By Joey Asher Category: Q&A In our communication skills workshops, we spend a good bit of time focused on Q&A. In fact, we feel it’s probably the most important element of a presentation. It’s when what really matters to the listeners gets addressed. It’s also the point at which the speaker’s credibility is tested and confirmed (or destroyed…yikes!). Here are 5 questions about questions that get asked frequently by our workshop participants: 1. What do I say if I don’t [...]


Want to Start Your Speech Off Right? Here are a Few Traps to Avoid

March 2019|Content, Nerves|

By Joey Asher Category: Content, Nerves You’re standing in front 250 people at major industry conference. Your heart is pounding. Your palms are sweating. You’re about to deliver a presentation that you hope will boost your image in the minds of your colleagues and business partners. Your first words are critical. They can put you on the path to a successful speech. Or they can set off a downward spiral that will make you and your audience miserable. What [...]


The Communication Skills Workout: 10 Weeks to a New You!

February 2019|Other|

By Joey Asher Category: Other I’m fascinated by those workouts that you see advertised on TV or the Internet.  I recently came across the “Caveman Workout” where you run through the woods in bare feet and eat raw meat. Then, there’s that kickboxing workout called Tae Bo. And I actually borrowed the P90X CDs from my brother. But I gave up after about 20 minutes because I became extremely tired. All of these workouts promise you a new body and [...]

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