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“The Beverly Hillbillies Cure” for Your Fear of Public Speaking

May 2019|Nerves|

By Joey Asher Category: Nerves Surf the Internet for just a few minutes and you can find some strange prescriptions for overcoming your fear of public speaking.  Here is one from Christine Kane, who bills herself as “Mentor to Women Who are Changing the World.” "Perform from the fear. You’ll have to adapt this one to work for your own situation. Some nights I don’t have the strong confident thing going. Maybe I’m tired. Maybe I’m irreversibly scared. So, I’ll [...]


FAQs About Q&A

April 2019|Q&A|

By Joey Asher Category: Q&A In our communication skills workshops, we spend a good bit of time focused on Q&A. In fact, we feel it’s probably the most important element of a presentation. It’s when what really matters to the listeners gets addressed. It’s also the point at which the speaker’s credibility is tested and confirmed (or destroyed…yikes!). Here are 5 questions about questions that get asked frequently by our workshop participants: 1. What do I say if I don’t [...]


Want to Start Your Speech Off Right? Here are a Few Traps to Avoid

March 2019|Content, Nerves|

By Joey Asher Category: Content, Nerves You’re standing in front 250 people at major industry conference. Your heart is pounding. Your palms are sweating. You’re about to deliver a presentation that you hope will boost your image in the minds of your colleagues and business partners. Your first words are critical. They can put you on the path to a successful speech. Or they can set off a downward spiral that will make you and your audience miserable. What [...]

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