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Keys to Listening

April 2018|Other|

By Joey Asher Category: Other Yogi Berra said, “You can see a lot by just looking.” Similarly, you can hear a lot by just listening. If there is one skill that will make you better at almost everything, it’s listening. Want to build a better relationship with a client or colleague? Listen. Want to be a better husband or wife? Listen. Here are four keys to better listening skills. Be Genuinely Interested I was seated at a luncheon recently across [...]


The Power of Speaking without Notes

March 2018|Practice|

By Joey Asher Category: Practice Former UN Ambassador and Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young once told me a story about how he learned the importance of speaking without notes. As a minister in his early 20s, he always preached from a prepared text.  But as he was getting ready to preach to a church in Beachton Georgia, a deacon at the church, seeing the notes, pulled Minister Young aside. “The primitive Baptists come to worship with us,” the deacon explained. “And [...]


Lessons in Persuasion from a Fishing Guide

March 2018|Content, Practice|

By Joey Asher Category: Content, Practice I drove to the Great Smokey Mountains near Townsend, TN recently to fly fish for trout. And I caught more than my fair share – 14 gorgeous rainbows. But who’s counting? Spending time with my guide -- a terrific, pony-tailed fisherman and author named Ian Rutter, of R&R Fly Fishing -- I also learned a lot about persuasive communication. Lesson 1: To Catch a Trout, Study the Trout “Be a predator,” Ian said. But [...]

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