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How Does the 80-20 Rule Apply to Presentations?

January 2018|Content, Practice|

By Joey Asher Category: Content, Practice In the late 1800s, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto observed that 20 percent of the peapods in his garden yielded 80 percent of the peas. He also noted that 80 percent of the land in Italy was owned by 20 percent of the population. So was born the “Pareto Principle,” sometimes called as the “80-20 rule”. It’s the idea that 80 percent of value comes from 20 percent of input. So, 80 percent of a [...]


Public Speaking 3.0. Connecting with Audiences in the Internet-Era

January 2018|Content, Practice|

By Joey Asher Category: Content, Practice There’s an interesting book out called “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.” In the book, author Susan Cain explains how today’s world overvalues extroverts and undervalues introverts. And certainly extroverts get lots of credit for being natural speakers. But in my experience, introverts can be even better speakers than extroverts. Introverts Leave their Egos at Home I worked once with a highly extroverted insurance salesman. “I want to [...]


Want to Succeed in Business? Learn to Remember Names with a few Simple Tricks

December 2017|Content|

By: Joey Asher Category: Content “I’m terrible at remembering names.” We hear that all the time.  But we find that remembering names is a skills that anyone can learn if they simply make it a priority and use a few tricks. Three step Name Recall Process Anyone that is good at remembering names does three things: They listen to the name when they first hear it. They take special care to remember names in their “life communities.” They use one [...]

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