SMPS Webinar: How to Present as a Team: Keys to Impressing Owners During a New Business Interview

Presenter: Joey Asher, President, Speechworks
Recorded: June 5 2018
Recorded For: SMPS – Society for Marketing Professional Services

Session Description:
Owners consistently say that they want to hire the firm that is “the best team.” But how do you come across as a great team during a one-hour new business interview? This webinar will detail a few keys to ensuring that you come across as a strong team and not a bunch of people that seem like they’ve never worked together before.

Session Learning Objectives
During this webinar, participants will learn:

  • How to introduce the team
  • How to rehearse as a team
  • How to interact with each other
  • How to handle Q&A as a team

Download the recording of this webinar and associated handout materials by using code: SMPS0831 (code expires August 31, 2018)