Use a “Memory Palace” to Deliver Your Next Presentation without Notes

During a workshop recently, a client told me “The president of our company speaks without any notes. It’s amazing.” There is something impressive about standing in front of a group of people and giving a presentation without notes. There’s a sense of true mastery and authority that isn’t there otherwise. But how do you remember [...]

Template for a Parent’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah Speech

I’m headed to Vermont in a couple of weeks to attend my 13-year-old cousin’s bat mitzvah, the traditional service marking a Jewish child’s passage into adulthood.  A highlight of many bat/bar mitzvah services is the short blessing or speech from the parents.   The best of these speeches are touching and often a little funny. [...]

Topics to Avoid if You Don’t Want to Be a Bore

By Joey Asher Category: Content Remember how fascinated you were the last time someone told you a detailed plot of their favorite movie? Didn’t think so. Detailing a movie plot is just one of “Seven Topics to Avoid if You Don’t Want to Risk Being a Bore” according to Gretchen Rubin, an author, lawyer, and [...]

What to Do When Stumped By A Question; How to Coolly Say “I Don’t Know”

By Joey Asher Category: Other If you give enough presentations, it's going to happen. Someone's going to ask a question and you're not going to know the answer. Maybe you just need a moment to think about it. Or maybe you just have no clue what to say. So what do you do? Here's what [...]

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