Public Speaking Tip from Peyton Manning

Category: Tips from Celebrities "Pressure is something you feel when you don't know what the heck you're doing.” Manning recently announced his retirement after a storied 18-year football career. Much of his success can be attributed to being such a dedicated student of the game. He spent countless hours watching game film, learning the playbook, [...]

The Five Worst Ever Pieces of Public Speaking Advice

During a workshop, a client once cornered me and said, “Many years ago, I had a boss that thought I looked great in red. He told me that I should always wear red during presentations because it made the best impression. So I’ve always worn red. What do you think of that advice?” Cue the [...]

Use Non-Comic “Shticks” to Help You Think on Your Feet and Seat

Speaking impromptu is hard. Ask the average person in a meeting to “update us on the project you’re working on,” and if they’re not prepared, you hear a disorganized mess. It’s just show up and throw up. But if you have trouble coming across as organized in impromptu settings, you might take a lesson from [...]

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