How to Find Your Authentic Speaking Style

By Joey Asher Category: Facial Energy, Body Energy Imagine that you’re at dinner with a close friend or family member. And you’re talking with a great deal of intensity about something that you’re passionate about. That is the kind of presentation style we recommend. We want you to speak with the same energy that you bring [...]

Great Presenting Style Starts with Strong Eye Contact

Category: Facial Energy Sometimes I feel like telling people that they should physically grab their listeners by the shirt and say, “Pay attention to my presentation! I want you to understand these ideas because they can help your business succeed. So listen!” Of course you can’t do that. But that’s why eye contact is so [...]

Drive Home the Point of Your Story at the End

By Joey Asher Category: Content One of the biggest mistakes that speakers make in telling stories is not driving home the point to the listener at the end. One of our coaches was working recently with a college student who was preparing for a round of job interviews. He had a nice story about how [...]

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