Why Do We Get Nervous When We Speak? Maybe Public Speaking is an Unnatural Act

Category: Body Energy Public speaking is the number one fear of the average person. It’s a statistic that’s repeated constantly. But the question remains: “Why?” There are plenty of psychologists that will give you a theory. But here’s another thought. Could it be that we fear public speaking because it is an unnatural act [...]

Public Speaking Tip from Jerry Seinfeld

“But after they settle in, you’ve still got to be funny because for an hour, just that fact that they get to see you live in a theater is going to wear off if you’re not doing well.” Those are the words of Jerry Seinfeld. And while he was speaking about stand-up comedy, he could [...]

Five Resolutions for Better Presentations This Year

By Joey Asher Category: Practice If you’re looking for a resolution this year that is a little different than “I’m going to stop eating desserts”, we have some communication skills resolutions that will help your career by helping you connect better with audiences. Here are five New Year’s resolutions that will improve your speaking skills. [...]

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