Spotlight on our Coaches – JD Clockadale

Category: Other It's hard to put Speechworks coach JD Clockadale into a box. He is a Georgia Tech educated engineer, athlete, a nationally recognized sales trainer, and an author. Oh, and don't forget he's one of the founders of the City of Brookhaven. But one thing we can say definitively about JD is that he's [...]

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Spotlight on Our Coaches – Kene Iloenyosi

Category: Other The first things people typically notice about Kene are his impeccable fashion sense and his interesting accent (in that order). Originally from Nigeria, Kene also lived in Zambia prior to moving to the United States. The diversity of his personal and professional experiences enables him to coach individuals from all organizational levels. His [...]

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The Persuasive Value of Three Key Points

By Joey Asher Category: Content Leonardo da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." That idea goes to the persuasive value of keeping your message to three simple points. Simplicity makes people think, “This person has thought this through. He has distilled the message to the essence. I trust him.” With that in mind, early [...]

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How to Make Statistics Sing

Category: Other Many years ago, one of our coaches took a statistics course at a local community college. The professor had such a heavy French accent that our coach could literally only understand about a third of the words said. He learned everything from reading the textbook. Most presenters who use a lot of statistics don’t [...]

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Spotlight on Our Coaches: Nancy Vason

Category: Other Prior to joining Speechworks more than a decade ago, Nancy was an account executive and sales trainer for a Fortune 100 company. She also served as a speechwriter for many of the corporation’s top executives. Regardless of the role she was in, Nancy knew that one fact remained constant: relationships win business, and [...]

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To Get More Questions, Study “Joey’s Law of Audience Behavior”

By Joey Asher Category: Q&A When I tell people that they need to leave as much as half of their time for Q&A, I get some worried looks. Inevitably, one of those worried listeners will say, “But what if no one asks questions?” That’s not usually a problem if you understand “Joey’s Law of Audience [...]

To Get More Questions, Study “Joey’s Law of Audience Behavior”2019-09-21T18:44:28-05:00

Public Speaking Advice from JFK

Category: Tips from Celebrities “Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary.” With political conventions still fresh on everyone’s minds, John Fitzgerald Kennedy certainly stands out as a great speaker, including his 1960 acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in L.A. And his observation above underscores a mistake [...]

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Support Your Data by Telling the Story Behind the Numbers

By Joey Asher Category: Content Everyone that uses data knows how easy it is to twist numbers to reach a biased conclusion. So how can you make people believe your data? How about telling the story of how your data was compiled? Here is an excerpt from a presentation by a client that wanted to [...]

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Billy Crystal’s Worthy Tribute to Muhammad Ali

Category: Tips from Celebrities In a bit of a departure from our typical "Public Speaking Tips from Celebrities" column, we wanted to use this month's edition to pay homage to the recently departed Muhammad Ali. In the ranks of quotable celebrities, he was surely a contender for world champion.  At Ali's memorial service in Louisville [...]

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Be a Model: The Non-Speaker’s Role in Team Presentations

By Joey Asher Category: Content We frequently work with professionals who present in teams. Many ask “What should I do while I’m not speaking?” The answer is simple: be a model! In other words, during the time when you’re not speaking, your job is to model what you want the audience to do. That means [...]

Be a Model: The Non-Speaker’s Role in Team Presentations2019-09-21T18:44:29-05:00
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