The Perils of Saying “Great Question!”

By Joey Asher Category: Q&A One of our coaches was at a restaurant recently and when the first person at the table gave his order, the waiter said, “Very nice choice.” In fact, the waiter said, “very nice” or “good choice” to everyone at the table…except our coach! “I ordered the fish,” the coach said. [...]

The Perils of Saying “Great Question!”2020-09-22T20:45:16-05:00

Number One Crime Against Audiences: Speaking Too Long!

Category: Practice In the Speechworks Code of Crimes Against Audiences, speaking beyond your time limit during a presentation is a crime punishable by hanging, being shot, electrocuted, drawn and quartered, and lethal injection. At the very least, someone should give you a wedgie. If you have 20 minutes to speak, don't ever, under any [...]

Number One Crime Against Audiences: Speaking Too Long!2020-09-22T20:45:16-05:00