What Would the Gettysburg Address Look Like in PowerPoint?

“Hi. I’m Abe Lincoln. My first slide lays out a timeline for our nation. As you can see reading from left to right, it really all started four score and seven years ago. . . .” Of course that wouldn’t have done at all. But if there is any doubt that there is a growing [...]

Six Rules for Successful Team Presentations

Category: Other One of the things that many owners say when they’re interviewing design and construction teams is  “We’re looking for the best team.” So the question is: how can you come across as a great team during a 30-45 minute presentation? In watching hundreds of these shortlist interviews over the past few decades, we’ve [...]

How to Make Statistics Sing

Many years ago, one of our coaches took a statistics course at a local community college. His professor had such a heavy French accent that he literally could only understand about a third of the words he said. He learned everything from reading the textbook. Most presenters that use a lot of statistics don’t do [...]

Best Way to Use a Quote? Don’t Put it on Your Slide: Just Say It!

Category: Content A client recently sent over a deck of slides for a big presentation on leadership. The first slide was a quote from Jack Welch, the former GE Chairman. “My main job was developing talent. I was a gardener providing water and other nourishment to our top 750 people. Of course, I had to pull [...]

How Can Ben Franklin Help Improve Your Speaking Skills?

By: Joey Asher Category: Tips from Celebrities Do you speak with all the energy of a houseplant? Do you pepper your conversation with too many “uhs” and “ums?” Do you keep your face in a permanent state of boredom? More importantly, do you want to change some of these habits? If so, then do what [...]

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