Speechworks Pre-Workshop Preparation

Before attending your upcoming Speechworks Virtual Workshop, watch this helpful video on what to expect and what to prepare in advance. The webinar will show you how to fill out a one-page worksheet in preparation for the class. The worksheet will help you outline a short, business presentation. Please complete this worksheet and email your completed sheet to speech@speechworks.net 24 hours prior to starting session 1.

During the virtual workshop, you’ll be delivering presentations on camera and getting feedback from our coaches. But you’ll need something to present. The webinar guides you in how to prepare a short presentation to use in the class.

Below are some sample ideas for presentation topics:

  • Presentation you gave in the past where you tried to persuade a client to buy into a proposed solution.
  • An idea you had for improving operations and you had to get buy-in/approval from leadership.
  • Solution to a problem you had and you needed the team to buy into it.
  • An upcoming presentation to an industry conference or an upcoming presentation to any of the above.

The homework takes about 20 minutes to complete. Click below to get a copy of the one-page homework worksheet.

Virtual Workshop Information

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